Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Lieutenant McGreal

Since I'm poor this year (in bank account, not spirit), I commissioned myself to complete a painting for my Dad's birthday (April 17).

In 1970 , several years after leaving active-duty as a Naval officer, my Dad joined another armed force: The Brigade of the American Revolution , a troupe of men who re-enacted the Revolutionary War in full dress. (Actually , by default, the rest of the family participated as well. I'll write about those years at some point.) So I thought he might like a painting themed around the colonial soldier. I've also been following the John Adams mini-series on HBO, so I guess I was in the mood.

He loved the result. It's an 8" by 14" piece but here's a smaller version:(click on image for larger)


Susie said...

How thoughtful - and excellent work, as per usual!

太可怕 said...